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Saturday, November 28, 2020
With our waters getting warmer, we don’t have the capacity to monitor every reef for bleaching and mortality. We needed more eyes in the water, and we needed to equip them with a tool to quantify their changes,
Schmidt Ocean Institute, a non-profit dedicated to advancing the world’s understanding of the ocean with cutting-edge science, reached a major milestone mapping more than one million square kilometers of ocean floor, and simultaneously made a commitment to The...
Many deep-sea creatures have organs all over their bodies that emit light. Now scientists believe these same organs can actually see. The organs, called photophores, cannot see shapes. But in a paper published yesterday in the...
The Vortex Swim
Very limited funds have been available locally or nationally to deal with the large influx of plastic pollution haunting our treasured marine environment.
Research Vessel Kaʻimikai-O-Kanaloa
After 25 years of scientific voyages for UH, the ship was retired following her final expedition in July 2018 on the 304th cruise of the Hawaii Ocean Time program.
Aloha Bowl
The quiz bowl style academic competition tests students’ knowledge of ocean-related topics, which include cross-disciplines of biology, chemistry, policy, physics and geology.