Proposed Bill Would Fund Library Makerspaces

Public Talk: Physics of Pō
Public Talk: Physics of Pō

Hawaii state Sen. Glenn Wakai has followed through on his earlier suggestion that the state explore supporting makerspaces in public libraries. Senate bill SB1278 would allocate $500,000 to the Board of Education “to establish and maintain makerspaces, including the equipment, materials, and personnel necessary for the operation of makerspaces in public libraries statewide.”

“The legislature finds that public libraries are experiencing an increased presence and development of the new concept called a makerspace,” the bill states. “The legislature further finds that state public libraries provide the ideal community space in which to support and create the next generation of writers, inventors, and mechanics.”

The bill is up for its first hearing before the Senate Committee on Education on Monday, Feb. 9 at 1:15 p.m. If you’re interested in submitting testimony on SB1278, you can do so online — ideally at least 24 hours before the scheduled hearing.

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