Honolulu design firm CEO wins Space Pitch Day

UX design firm will develop 4D visualization solution for military operations


Rocket Communications, an enterprise UX design firm focused on mission critical applications and systems, was one of just ten companies to win a contract at the first ever International Space Pitch Day event that took place in London last month.

Michal-Anne Rogondino
Michal-Anne Rogondino

Rocket CEO and founder Michal-Anne Rogondino runs the company remotely from her home in Honolulu.

Rocket was awarded a same-day contract for its 4D visualization solution for space awareness, called SpaceACME, which allows military operators to visualize system status, orbits, and predicted events in 4D. The mission-critical tool will aid personnel in decision making by creating maneuver option scenarios for satellites and other spacecraft. 

“We see tremendous potential in our 4D visualization solution and are thrilled to have the opportunity to demonstrate its capability in a military environment,” Rogondino said. “The first International Space Pitch Day unearthed some remarkable innovation, and we are grateful to be among such talented company.”

Compared to the “Shark Tank” investor pitch show on television, International Space Pitch Day let start-up entrepreneurs from all over the globe virtually pitch their innovations live to a joint U.K.-U.S. panel of high-ranking military decision makers. The first-of-its-kind event grew from a UK and USA partnership called the Allied Defence Accelerator.

Military organizations helping to fund and fast track innovation include Dstl, DASA, Royal Air Force, UK Strategic Command, the US Air Force, US Space Force, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

About Rocket Communications

Rocket Communications is a woman-owned enterprise UX design firm focused on mission critical applications and systems. Rocket develops strong and dependable UX and builds direct relationships with the Department of Defense. Rocket’s civilian personnel and reservists represent some of the best user experience talent in the business.

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