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Friday, November 27, 2020

Reimagine a Better Hawaii After COVID

Diversification has come a lot further than the politicians ever imagined, but they are blind to it. Let’s open their eyes.

Paubox announces tech upgrade at annual security conference

Paubox, a San Francisco-based healthcare technology company that was founded in Hawaii, announced today that it has upgraded its email infrastructure...

Virtual UH conference to explore post-pandemic innovation

The event will highlight efforts in vital areas such as health care, resilient food systems and digital infrastructure to help promote economic diversification and stability.

$2.4 million federal grant funds workforce development program

"Training and certification can translate into a career that supports a family, regardless of a person’s educational background or experience."

Molokai gets expanded fiber broadband service

Nearly half of the homes on the island of Molokai now have access to fiber broadband service, after Hawaiian Telcom added about 700 new homesteads in East and North Central Molokai to its service area.

Hawaiiverse launches to help local businesses grow online

"We all need to band together as a community to support local businesses through these tough times, which is why we decided to make our platform free,” says Hawaiiverse CEO Jared Kushi.

Hawaiian crows headed back to captivity after recent deaths

"While very difficult, bringing these birds back into the breeding program is an interim step to the review and adaptation of the program to recover the species."