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Sunday, January 19, 2020
Eurus Solar Farm
Hawaiian Electric reports that in 2019, nearly 3,500 home solar energy systems were added, adding up to 3.5 million panels now in use.
Venus Volcanoes
A University of Hawaii at Mānoa planetary scientistco-authored a study published this week in Science Advances that shows lava flows on Venus may be only a few years old, suggesting that Venus could be volcanically active today—making it the only planet in our solar system, other than Earth, with recent eruptions. David Trang of UH Mānoa conducted...

Gallery: Grow with Google in Kaimuki

Visiting Google presenters and coaches hosted free ‘Grow with Google’ workshops today at Kaimuki Public Library, with onsite instruction provided to local jobseekers, small business, and nonprofit leaders on integral digital skills necessary in today’s business environment.

San Francisco firm takes majority stake in DR Fortress

GI Partners of San Francisco acquires a majority interest in DR Fortress, LLC, in partnership with the company's management team.

Hawaiian Telcom adds YouTube TV to streaming options

YouTube TV offers cable-free live TV that can be watched on any screen and includes local stations, and over 70 networks like ESPN, HGTV and TNT as well as on-demand programming.

Local accelerator Mana Up gets Waikīkī retail space

House of Mana Up will features dozens of local brands that showcase Hawaii’s blend of diverse cultures and its unique sense of place, starting with Mana Up’s portfolio of local products by innovative entrepreneurs.

UH scientists propose new tools to understand, predict large earthquakes

Earth scientists from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa say they have uncovered a new piece of the puzzle that may aid scientists in determining when and where the next destructive earthquake will occur.

Gallery: Kauai Ocean Discovery Center Opening

Photos from the Kauai Ocean Discovery Center Opening, Jan. 11, 2020, courtesy Hawaii DLNR.

Hawaiian Airlines opens Mainland IT center

The 15,000-square-foot center in Tempe will house 60 employees, nearly 30 percent of the company's team of 220 IT professionals — but the company plans to double the size of its Arizona team.