Honolulu Software Development Firm RVCM Acquired

Image: RVCM/Instagram

RVCM—formerly RevaComm—has been acquired by Virginia-based IntelliBridge, the company announced today.

RVCM is a security-centered, agile software development company that has recently pivoted to focus on government clients and contracts. The firm, which employs nearly 200 employees in 29 states, developed and deployed next-generation, custom software applications for federal agencies and holds several government contract vehicles that pave the way for future assignments.

IntelliBridge is a leading provider of advanced technology, intelligence, and mission support solutions to homeland security, federal law enforcement, defense, and civilian agencies. It’s based in McLean, Virginia, and is a portfolio company of Washington, D.C.-based private investment firm Enlightenment Capital.

“Both organizations are mission-driven, bringing to bear the best solutions for our customers, while also providing our employees with opportunities for growth in a diverse and welcoming environment,” said RVCM CEO and founder Elden Ito on LinkedIn. “Through our collective knowledge and capabilities, we will be able to better support our customers and employees, ultimately driving more successful outcomes.”

“More customers using RVCM technologies means a more secure world, which is why we’re thrilled to join IntelliBridge,” Ito added in a press release. “The company’s world-class leadership team, national prominence, and genuine commitment of its employees make it the perfect home for RVCM.”

“RVCM’s deep technology expertise in developing secure software platforms and their unique approach to human-centered design make them a wise addition to a company like IntelliBridge,” said Cass Panciocco, IntelliBridge president and CEO. “Together, RVCM and IntelliBridge can create more secure organizations and a safer world through technology.”

Ito founded RVCM in 1990. Now, he will join the IntelliBridge board of directors.

RVCM delivers scale, speed, and security for government agencies and enterprises in Hawaii, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia. The company serves commercial and government customers nationwide, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Central Pacific Bank, and the Hawaii State Department of Health.

“Finding RVCM, as agile and operationally disciplined as any Silicon Valley tech firm, flourishing from the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a great example of how we drive growth and continue to build our company,” said Matthew Candy, chief growth officer of IntelliBridge. “We identify the best technologies, talent, and cultural fits from far and wide, bring them together under the IntelliBridge umbrella, and deliver instant value and enhanced capabilities to our existing customers while opening doors to new opportunities.”

By joining forces with RVCM, IntelliBridge sais it will provide even more value to taxpayers by helping large government organizations leave behind archaic technology and bring their systems into the modern age.

RVCM’s roots are in human-centered design, which has continued to guide its expansion into DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) software applications, agile software development, and cloud-based digital transformation. Key initiatives include:

  • Puckboard, a custom application developed for the U.S. Air Force that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and optimize aircraft and crew scheduling, flight logging, and currency management
  • Platform One, a modern cloud-based DevSecOps platform that supports the rapid and secure delivery of mission applications for the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense
  • batCAVE, a development and production platform that provides a fast, simple, and secure way to deploy software applications to the cloud by streamlining redundant tasks in highly regulated environments
  • Aolytix is a cloud infrastructure management tool that leverages graph analytics to offer visibility into cloud resource utilization and configuration to make real-time, informed decisions

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