Hawaii entrepreneur launches digital gift wrapping service

Swipewrap lets users wrap a 3D box online, then send it electronically


Honolulu-based Swipewrap has created an innovative solution to gift-giving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The interactive, web-based software lets users wrap a 3D box online, then send it electronically to any phone, tablet or laptop.

“I wanted to digitally encapsulate the joy and thoughtfulness of gift-giving,” says founder Tom Knapp-Ramos. “Users can make a highly-custom, virtual wrapping paper at the push of a button without losing the sentiment that comes with in-person gifts.”

Users can even send a digital picture of a physical gift and enclose it in the Swipewrap, combatting the frustration of shipping delays and snail mail.

To enhance the convenience, Swipewrap is partnering with Tango Card® so that users can send a gift card and let their loved one decide which major retailer to spend it on.

In addition to the free, pre-set features, users can upgrade their experience for only 99 cents to mimic the excitement of custom holiday wrapping. They can personalize their digital paper to feature any color or festive design, including images of their faces or pets.

Users can also send the Swipewrap instantly or schedule an e-delivery for it to arrive promptly on Christmas morning.

Swipewrap has boxed nearly 10,000 gifts worldwide during its beta, and its timely launch will likely garner more users.

“The pandemic cancelled many families’ plans to gather during the holidays, so I’m happy that Swipewrap offers a way for everyone to participate in the festivities while staying safe,” says Swipewrap user Taryn Pascua. “This new era of gift-giving will transform the experience in a way that’s fun, personal, and convenient.”

Swipewrap creator, Tom Knapp-Ramos, was named the Hawaii Student Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hawaii Venture Capital Association (HVCA) in 2018. The HVCA “strives to serve as a catalyst and beacon in the heart of the Pacific for entrepreneurship, venture capital activity, and growth.”

Visit swipewrap.com to swipewrap a gift today.

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