Onizuka Day of Exploration returns April 27


The third annual Onizuka Day of Exploration will be taking place on April 27, 2019 from 9:00 to 3:00 at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall.

The Onizuka Day of Exploration offers more than 100 games, activities and exhibits, both indoors and out. In addition, there will be STEM workshops throughout the on a wide variety of topics including robotics, energy, volcanoes, earthquakes, first aid and emergency preparedness, and much more.

  • 100 Interactive ExploraStations manned by Hawaii’s Scouts
  • Maker Fair
  • Lego Build-and-Race Tracks
  • Climbing Wall
  • Elevated Ropes Course
  • Rope Bridge
  • VEX IQ Robotics
  • FIRST Robotics
  • Pinewood Derby Championship Racing
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Underwater Robotics
  • Jedi Saber Training
  • Mircoscope Forensics
  • Polynesian Star Navigation
  • Working on Mars
  • Build a Rocket
  • Local Food!

Advance registration for the workshops is required. The registration site is now available at: https://www.scoutingevent.com/104-2019ODESTEM

There are limited seats in each workshop and each participant can register for a maximum of 2 workshops.

Please note that all youth who are in grade 6 and below MUST be accompanied by an adult who is registered for the same workshop.

A parent may accompany up to 2 youth, and den leaders or teachers may accompany up to 5 youth. The youth and adult must all be registered for the same workshop in the same time period.

To secure your workshop attendance, you must check in and get your entry ticket at the registration desk 45 minutes before the start of the first session you register for.

STEM workshops available:

Altino Coding for Non-Coders – Presented by Oceanit: Coding for the Non-Coder. Learn the latest technology from South Korea and to code in C/C++ in five minutes using the Altino Coding Car. Recommended for grade 5-12

Chain Reactions: Fun with Kinetic Energy – Presented by Elemental Minds: Use the engineering design process to explore and learn about kinetic energy. Use everyday materials to create chain reactions that are sure to entertain and amaze. Recommended for grade 3+

Color Mixing – Pixel Art – Presented by Mililani High School: Color-by-number but with a modern twist! Learn the basics of subtractive color mixing and how things like inkjet/laser printers are able to create thousands of colors when starting with just a few. Toss in some basic computer science concepts and it will be a full STEAM experience. Recommended for grade 3+

Crash Cars – Presented by Magma Robotics: Crash cars is a fun-filled and hands-on physics lesson. Using given materials, physics, and a touch of engineering, children will design their own cars that crash into each other. Recommended for grade 4-8

Cyber Safety Awareness – Presented by (ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter: Workshop will provide cyber safety awareness to include tips for password management, internet scams, social media and other topics to make you safer and more secure when connected. This workshop will also include a Q&A section and conclude with an interactive review session. Recommended for grade 7-12

Defying Gravity with Roto-Copters and Gliders – Presented by Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory: Experience the four forces of flight by learning design tips and tricks before you test your very own Roto-Copters and Gliders. The sky is the limit! Recommended for grade 2-6

Discover Robotics with FIRST Tech Challenge – Hawaii FIRST Robotics: This session will introduce participants to FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), an engaging robotics competition for students in grades 7 to 12. “FTC” robots are controlled by Android mobile phones and can be constructed from just about any materials students have access to. This “no limits” approach throws open the door to creativity and innovation. FTC robots will be provided for participants to attempt various challenges. Recommended for grade 7-12

Earthquakes: Our Live Earth in Action – Presented by University of Hawaii Earth Sciences: PowerPoint presentation, videos, discussion, and hands-on-activities. Objectives are to demonstrate earthquakes and earthquake hazards, while covering principals in elastic rebound, wave propagation, and time-velocity-distance relations. Recommend for grade 7+

Energy Unplugged – Presented by Hawaii Energy: Join Hawai‘i Energy’s engaging and empowering workshop about how to make Hawai‘I the national leader in Energy Efficiency! Learn how to make smart energy choices to reduce energy consumption, save money, and pursue a 100% clean energy future. Recommended for grade 3+

Finger Printing – Presented by Chaminade University Forensic Science Club: We will talk about what fingerprints are and how, as forensic science majors, how we will use them in our career. We will also talk about other reasons why fingerprints are used for identification. Recommended for grade K+

First Aid and Emergency Preparedness – Presented by Chaminade University School of Nursing and Kapiolani Community College: A collaborative and engaging workshop to help participants learn first aid and emergency preparedness life-skills. Participants become more risk aware and equipped with invaluable skills to keep themselves and others safe if involved in a medical emergency and natural disaster situations. It could save lives. Scouts may be able to meet some related rank requirements and merit badge achievements (First Aid & Emergency Preparedness).Recommended for grade 4+

Fish Features! Design Your Own Deep-Sea Fish – Presented by University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology: Design your own deep-sea fish! In this workshop. Learn about the common adaptations fish need to survive in the cold, dark and expansive deep sea. Drawing inspiration from real-life specimens, design and create your own fish, complete with a scientific name of your choosing. Whose fish will be the most likely to survive in the ocean’s depths…? Recommended for grade 5-10

Gelatin Volcanoes – Presented by University of Hawaii Department of Geology and Geophysics: Experience how magma migrates within a volcano and learn how it is related to the shape of a volcano and lava flow hazards. Inject “magma” into a gelatin volcano and see how it reaches the surface. Recommended for grade 3+

Hardware Science – Presented by ACE Hardware: Hardware meets science! Children can discover and learn the science of physics during this workshop! We’ll explore balance, gravity and a little bit of science magic using materials from the local hardware store: nails, metal rings, and washers just to name a few! Recommended for grade 1-6

LEGO Master-Building for EARTHQUAKES! – Presented by the Structural Engineers Association: As a LEGO Master-Builder, you will be challenged to design a LEGO tower to withstand a simulated earthquake event using your own Shake Table, and test your design with others. Whose will be the last one standing? Recommended for grade K-5

LEGO Robotics – Presented by Hawaii FIRST Robotics: Attendees will have the opportunity to program a robot using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set. This LEGO set allows students to use sensors and motors to create an autonomous robot. Sensors can detect light, color, sound, distance, and physical contact. Motors can turn wheels that allow the robot to move, or they can power attachments. Learn how to use the graphical programming language to program the LEGO robots to perform a simple task. Recommended for grade 5-9

Mystery and Intrigue: The Wide World of Electricity – Presented by Hawaiian Electric Company: Learn some exciting aspect of electricity. Build a battery storage experiment that should impress your friends, family and teachers. No experience necessary. Just bring your eagerness to participate and learn. Recommended for grade 3+

Polynesian Voyaging Star Compass Activity – Presented by Oahu Ocean Edventures: Re-create PVS Star Compass with participants becoming and acting as the waypoints on the compass (connecting ancient Hawaiian science to modern). Recommended for all ages.

Seeing is NOT Believing – Presented by Leeward Community College: Surprise your friends with these cool optical illusions that will amuse and amaze. Recommended for all ages

Straw Rocket Science – Presented by Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory: Experience the basic physics of rocketry first hand using nothing more than drinking straws and air. A demonstration will also be given of the kind of rocket science that can be done with state of the art gaming software. Recommended for grade 3+

The Secret World of Viruses – Presented by University of Hawaii Department of Oceanography: Have you ever had the flu? What about the cold? These illnesses are caused by extremely tiny microbes called viruses. However, only a small portion of viruses make humans sick. Most viruses are found in every environment like the ocean and are in fact beneficial in earth processes. So what exactly are viruses? In this workshop, we will dive into the ins and outs of viruses and get a chance to infect a mock host cell. Recommended for grade 5-10

Under the Microscope – Presented by Chaminade University: I Am a Scientist: Discover the hidden world just out of eye sight. Come explore the microscopic world using microscopes. Learn to prepare samples for viewing and take digital pictures of your specimen. Learn and experience the art and science of observation and microscopy. Recommended for grade 5+

Working on Mars – Program Your Rover! – Presented by Department of Education Campbell Complex and Challenger Center Hawaii Students will simulate unmanned exploration of Mars by programming Ozobots (miniature robots). Program your rover to complete the mission before returning to Mars base! Recommended for grade 3-8

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