Hawaii Thrive launches to promote Hawaii small businesses


Founded last May, The Hawaii Thrive Initiative aims to help people find local small businesses offering services and products in their area. The result is HawaiiThrive.com, a community resource website featuring thousands of Hawaii businesses.

Hawaii is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. However, with the hardships that 2020 brought, including stalled tourism and restrictions, local businesses need to explore alternative marketing strategies to ensure continued growth.

Hawaii Thrive also fosters business-to-business connections for entrepreneurs across the state, and sends out a weekly newsletter containing featured deals, important business information, and the “best of” local business spotlights, which reaching the inboxes of over 2000 residents.

Hawaii Thrive offers a broad range of offers for every business on their platform. Depending on the choice of industry, county, or services, potential customers can search for what they need and support local companies all year long.

Hawaii Thrive founder Nick Ponte says that HawaiiThrive.com will become Hawaii’s one-stop search engine for finding the best small businesses. The easy-to-use user interface of the website makes the searching process easier, he adds, while island-specific categories easily outline what local businesses are near you.

In addition to Ponte, who was born and raised on Maui, the Hawaii Thrive team includes business growth specialist Elle Shurm and marketing manager Devin Atkins.

The Hawaii Thrive platform also allows small businesses to grow their online presence through linking to their digital assets, allowing promotions of special offers and opportunities to be a main “Feature” on the website’s homepage.

Hawaii Thrive hopes to continue to promote local businesses to help them scale-up and increase their overall revenue. For more information, visit HawaiiThrive.com, email Nick Ponte at hello@hawaiithrive.com, call (808) 359-3287, or contact Hawaii Thrive by mail at 95 East Lipoa Suite #205, Kihei Hawaii 96753.


  1. Aloha Ryan , It’s a great article and this new resource designed to help local business owners connect with potential customers is a fantastic initiative led by Nick Ponte and his team over at https://nickponte.com/
    I have received help in the past from Nick and highly recommend their work. Paul Davies

    • You might want to check their website – nothing works – all their links bar two are not working – their sales pitch info is BS – none of the mentioned URLs are active websites – they are shells – nothing works!

      Even their very own contact page on thrive goes no where! – go ahead and try it yourself –


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