Ibis Networks Partners with Alerton Building Automation Systems


alerton-both-sockets-thHawaii-based Ibis Networks, which develops enterprise-scale energy monitoring systems, has partnered with Alerton, a commercial building automation firm based in Washington State.

“Alerton has long been a leader in pioneering building management systems technology, so was at the top of our list when we looked for a building controls partner,” said Michael Pfeffer, CEO of Ibis Networks. “We look forward to helping their dealers bring a powerful plug load control solution to their customers.”

Commercial building owners and managers tasked with reducing energy consumption face the challenge of monitoring and controlling electricity consumed by growing numbers of plug-in devices. So-called “plug and process” loads account for about one-third of primary energy use in U.S. commercial buildings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

To help building professionals save up to 40% of these electricity costs, Alerton and Ibis Networks​ have partnered to bring the Ibis InteliNetwork to Alerton dealers.

“For Alerton customers looking for ways to cut their energy costs, Ibis Networks offers a simple and easy-to-integrate tool with the Alerton Ascent building management system (BMS) to dramatically reduce electricity use and gain more insight into their overall energy consumption,” said Kevin Clinger, Alerton’s Senior Manager of Customer Marketing. “Whether it’s reducing the power drain from computer monitors left on overnight or ensuring crucial equipment stays on, Alerton and Ibis have you covered.”

The Ibis InteliNetwork provides real-time data on plug-load energy use, along with powerful automation tools, to enable effective control of plug loads. The system includes a simple-to-install retrofit for wall outlets, and a cloud-based management console. Because these Ibis InteliSockets are also BACnet devices, they can easily be brought into Alerton Compass software to be managed alongside HVAC, lighting and other building systems. Using these tools, building managers can schedule selective shutdowns to individual plugs, while leaving power on for critical equipment in the same room.

The system also can be used to monitor and manage the power supply to a wide range of equipment in hospitals, universities, office buildings, laboratories, schools, and other facilities, to make sure power to essential equipment is not lost, as well as to predict potential equipment failures if power usage changes — thereby helping to save money and avoid disruptions.

Ibis Networks is an Energy Excelerator startup developed by the Honolulu engineering firm Oceanit. The startup enables commercial and government enterprises to cut their Plug Load energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Originally developed for the U.S. Military, Ibis’ enterprise-defined technology creates a secure, reliable, mobile, scalable and centrally managed means to dramatically reduce energy consumption and extend electronics life with minimal up-front investment.

Alerton was became part of the Automation and Controls group of Honeywell International in 2005 when its parent company was acquired by the multinational engineering conglomerate.

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