Pan Am Building Gets 10Mbps Internet Service


HDTBusinesses in the historic Pan Am Building in Honolulu now have 10-megabit-per-second high-speed Internet service delivered via fiber-optic technology.

HDT, a Hawaii-based ISP, partnered with with The Shidler Group to launch its “HiPERFIBER” affordable gigabit Internet service at the iconic building, which now provides 10 mbps of complimentary “HiPERFIBER” Internet service to each of its individual tenants.

“HiPERFIBER” is a fiber-optic network that yields Internet speeds up to 100 times faster than most broadband services, according to HDT. This is achieved with thin, optic fiber and modulated light technology, which produces its exponentially faster speeds.

For Pan Am tenants, this complimentary service is the next step in boosting Hawaii’s Internet above the national standard for speed, with no additional cost or installation fee. For HDT, this partnership is an opportunity to showcase HiPERFIBER and its benefits.

“We first brought HiPERFIBER to all of the tenants at The Shidler Group’s Davies Pacific Center in February this year and saw tremendous feedback. With that momentum, we’re excited to offer HiPERFIBER to the Pan Am Building tenant community,” said HDT president Jared Grugett in a press release.

Steven Sullivan, vice president of operations for the Shidler Group, agreed. “With Davies Pacific Center, tenants were exceptionally pleased with HDT’s HiPERFIBER Internet. Now, with our Pan Am Building, we believe offering complimentary 10 mbps is an innovative service, adding significant value to the tenant experience.”

About The Shidler Group

The Shidler Group invests in the formation and capitalization of real estate-related companies and new investment initiatives, including the acquisition and ownership of individual properties and portfolio. Since its founding in 1972, The Shidler Group has become one of the nation’s most successful commercial real estate investment organizations. Through its affiliates, The Group has acquired and managed over 2,000 properties located across the country and comprising over 150 million leasable square feet.

About HDT, LLC

HDT, LLC is a privately held Internet Service Provider and license facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. Services are provided on HDT-owned network infrastructure, which includes dedicated Internet access, private networking and data transport services, local and long distance voice, as well as residential voice and Internet bundles.

Photo courtesy Karendesuyo/Flickr.

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