Free service helps businesses put phone service on hold

Stock Photo provided by Aloha Tone

A local tech company is offering a free service to help fellow small businesses weather the economic impact of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.

Many retail and other businesses have been forced to shut down operations, at least temporarily. But many companies need to retain their phone service because it’s a key business channel. For some businesses, their phone number is almost as critical to their identity as their name.

Canceling phone service often means losing a number that’s been memorized or saved by customers, printed on menus and business cards, and indexed by search engines.

To solve this pain point, local voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications provider Aloha Tone has created a free program to assist businesses who are temporarily shutting down. This program helps to ensure businesses ​do not lose their phone number and will allow them to continue to receive incoming messages.

The phone number will be ported to Aloha Tone, which will receive voicemails on incoming calls and will pass them on via email at no charge. This allows a business to save on their current telecom costs.

“We wanted to assist as much as possible during these times by using our infrastructure,” said Aryn Nakaoka, President of Aloha Tone. “We are grateful our business is operational and wanted to give back to our community.

“We hope this program will assist our local economic recovery,” he added.

The program is slated to run throughout 2021.

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