“Social Wi-Fi” from Maui firm promises to power up marketing

Offering Wi-Fi via social network logins provides greater value for businesses and customers

We Are More

Maui-based We Are More, an electrical contracting company, has unveiled a “Social Wi-Fi” marketing system that it says will transform how companies do business in Hawaii, converting free Wi-Fi users into social connections that can be converted into loyal customers.

“Social Wi-Fi” harnesses far greater value for businesses from free Wi-Fi users by allowing customers to connect to the Internet through their preferred social network. Users already comfortable using social network logins to access other services, and “Social Wi-Fi” gives the hosting business greater details and analytics about their customers as a result.

We Are More promotes a template system that can be customized for specific customer preferences as well as business needs, collecting more than names and email addresses to build a powerful marketing list to foster ongoing engagement beyond a single visit.

“Social Wi-Fi” networks permit companies to send customers special “thank you” and “it’s been a while” messages, along with review and survey options, and event reminders. The system also builds bigger Facebook and Instagram audiences for retargeting ads, all based on user consent. The system can also send out mass coupons and contests to keep customers engaged with the business.

Meanwhile, real-time engagement from the network means that business owners will be able to increase sales based on user locations and time periods, analyzing how long clients spend at the business and determining which days are the busiest.

Social Wi-Fi

“With this software, customers get more than free Wi-Fi and businesses get more than bland marketing,” says We Are More marketing head Samara Shaw.

“One of the only ways to get customers to return to a company is by knowing who they are, continuing to give them an experience even when they leave, and letting them know the business is still thinking of them, creating a general bond,” Shaw adds. “There are companies who offer Wi-Fi marketing, but not the way that our Social Wi-Fi marketing does – and we are the only business on Maui that offers this new model.”

We Are More is now offering businesses this new software that provides the advantage of targeted connections, versus general distribution of business information.

“It’s innovative and up with the times,” Shaw says. “Any business owner would benefit from utilizing this technology.”

Among the features We Are More’s “Social Wi-Fi” system offers:

  • Allows business owners to capture the public data of clients that accesses local Wi-Fi to generate a segmented database and do productive marketing actions.
  • Increases overall sales, thanks to the integrated behavioral and bigdata-based customer feedback system.
  • Customers generate customers through our “member get member” system.
  • Captures email addresses of guests and invites them to write a review on available platforms, such as Trip Advisor and Yelp.
  • Business owners can automatically send an effective review survey to guests within a few hours of their visit to an establishment.
  • Business owners will know the days and hours of more influx, including what type of customers are attracted to their company, how much time these customers spend on site, and valuable analytic data to generate the best user experience and greater sales.
  • Creates engagement and increases sales through customer loyalty generated by automated promotions, anniversary greetings, offers on key days, and more.

About We Are More

Located on Maui, in Lahaina, We Are More is an electrical contracting company that specializes in low voltage installations for commercial and residential properties alike. For more information, visit www.wearemore.solutions.

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