Paubox launches email marketing platform for healthcare

"Project Orca" lets healthcare providers tap the power of email marketing


Paubox, a leading provider of secure email services for the healthcare industry, announced the launch of “Project Orca,” its new email marketing platform that complies with HIPAA.

Launched in 2014, Paubox was born out of Pau Spam, an email filtering service founded in Hawaii more than a decade earlier by Hoala Greevy. The firm works with companies subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

Built on Paubox’s HITRUST CSF certified Secure Email API solution, “Project Orca” will help healthcare organizations utilize patient data to segment and send personalized email campaigns to drive better engagement and ultimately, better health outcomes.


“Project Orca” will make it possible to send specific post-surgery reminders on milestone dates, for example, or sending email campaigns to specific patient segments to maintain their health and screenings. And “Project Orca” email campaigns can include Personal Health Information (PHI), which makes the messages more relevant and drives better patient engagement.

“We saw how customers were already using our Secure Email API to drive better engagement to their applications with email notifications,” Greevy said. “But there was a gap for people who weren’t technical and needed a front-end to accomplish similar goals, especially for marketing teams.”

“Project Orca” is the first HIPAA compliant email marketing solution that secures emails in transit with TLS encryption and delivers it safely without requiring the recipient to take extra steps to read them. In the rare case a recipient’s email does not support TLS, a secure link is sent to view the message on Paubox’s secure web application.

“In our research, other email marketing providers will either not sign a [HIPAA Business Associate Agreement], not allow you to send PHI in an email, or they require recipients to login to a separate portal,” Greevy said. “As such, Project Orca is our solution to the need we see in the market for HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing.”

About Paubox

Paubox is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant email encryption that requires no extra steps for the sender or recipient. No portals. No plugins. No extra steps. Just secure email that works like regular email. For more information, visit

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