Local doctors offer app-based prescriptions, medical advice

WePrescribe - How It Works

Two Hawaii physicians, leveraging their background in telemedicine and answering the challenge of Hawaii’s physician shortage, have launched an online service to increase accessibility of prescription medicine and medical care.

The service is called WePrescribe, and is based on the Spruce healthcare communication app. Together, the service quickly connects patients with qualified Hawaii doctors almost instantaneously. Patients can get help with prescriptions and simple health conditions.

Physician cofounders Neel Chauhan and Cedric Strong say they were motivated by the community’s need for more accessible healthcare, and the healthcare system’s need for more efficient processes. 

“We created WePrescribe because we know time is precious,” Chauhan said. “Instead of waiting days or weeks for an appointment and then taking time off from work or away from family for a doctor’s visit, patients can now immediately and safely address their health concerns using their smart device.”

Strong added, “We’re thrilled to serve the local community and offer an affordable way to obtain simple prescriptions. WePrescribe strives for the same personalized care that one would receive in person, but with a faster and more convenient process.”

The WePrescribe Solution

A one-time flat rate fee of $49.99 covers an online consultation and free prescription delivery. After downloading the app and completing a quick medical questionnaire, users can be on a live video call with a local doctor within one hour during operating hours, and pick up their medicine at a local pharmacy on the same day, or have it delivered. Medication cost is separate and can be paid out-of-pocket or via insurance.

In addition to prescription refills, WePrescribe clinicians can treat a variety of simple health conditions from the common cold and cough to pink eye and urinary tract infections—prescriptions for which a physical examination is not necessary. The company also offers sick notes to address missed work or travel plans due to illness.

A Focus on Safety

In-person visits are usually unnecessary for prescription refills, as well as for common issues like birth control, urinary tract infection, pink eye and colds. A thorough questionnaire evaluates a patient’s health status, and a live video chat with a Hawaii-based practitioner determines if it’s safe to treat. For more complex cases, WePrescribe physicians guide patients to seek in-person care. 

Serving Patients and Physicians

Whether it’s a busy single mom or Hana resident who would otherwise spend hours on the road to reach a doctor, a tourist who left their medication at home, or a patient who would rather address issues like erectile dysfunction and hair loss from the privacy of their own home, WePrescribe eliminates the time and hassle of doctor visits while freeing healthcare providers to focus on patients with more urgent health concerns. Built to benefit everyone while maintaining the highest levels of care, WePrescribe is described as “the next step in healthcare for Hawaii.”


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