Local telemedicine app offers coronavirus screening

WePrescribe - How It Works

The Hawaii-based creators of the WePrescribe telemedicine service are now offering remote consultations for coronavirus (COVID-19), in addition to its regular slate of health conditions like the common cold and flu.

The WePrescribe service, launched earlier this year using the Spruce telemedicine app, offers medical advice and prescriptions. The company is now expanding its efforts to use technology to increase the accessibility of healthcare to address a pressing international crisis.

Dr. Neel Chauhan

“As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, telemedicine is the first line of defense and will play a vital role in effectively combatting the virus through a triage of medical efforts – from reducing the spread of infection to early detection,” said Dr. Neel Chauhan, WePrescribe’s co-founder.

“Throughout my career, I have facilitated over 12,000 telecare consultations,” Chauhan added. “It is an invaluable medical tool to allow increased healthcare access to those in remote areas and in the case of coronavirus, a preventative screening measure and safe monitoring practice.”

WePrescribe provides its users video consultations with a qualified doctor within one hour of making the online appointment. They need only download the Spruce app, connect with WePrescribe, and complete a thorough questionnaire. Patients can then schedule a live video teleconference with a board-certified, Hawaii physician within one hour.

For more complex cases – such as determining if a patient is infected with the coronavirus, WePrescribe’s doctors will assist patients in seeking in-person care.

The telecare fee is $49.99 per consultation and is available daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have urged hospitals and clinics to expand the use of telehealth services to help triage techniques for coronavirus,” noted Chauhan.

WePrescribe eliminates the time, exposure to potential illness and hassle of doctor visits while freeing healthcare providers to focus on patients with more urgent health concerns. To learn more, please visit WePrescribe.com for instructions on downloading the Spruce app.


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