Cloudwell Health expands WePrescribe telehealth offerings


Local telehealth service WePrescribe, which launched last year and went on to add coronavirus screening and pediatric services, has rebranded and relaunched as CloudWell Health.

With the new name, the company is also adding a number of new services: connectivity to employee wellness programs, mental health counseling, and personalized health coaching for chronic disease management such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, and weight loss.

Physician founders Dr. Neel Chauhan and Dr. Cedric Strong describe CloudWell Health as “Hawaii’s first integrated telemedicine and wellness platform.”

“We realize one of the barriers to treatment and wellness for many of our patients is time and access to healthcare providers,” says Chauhan. “As an online healthcare practice, CloudWell Health is able to make it easy for users to utilize its services by scheduling appointments when and where it’s most convenient for the patient.”

With the dramatic change in lifestyle experienced by millions of Americans, stress levels and domestic disputes are up, making mental health counseling an especially timely and important offering, the company says.

CloudWell Health provides patients the safety and convenience of live video visits and coaching, leveraging technology to increase the accessibility of healthcare and wellness services via teleconference consultations. CloudWell’s standard of care is to ensure patients are speaking with a staff member within 60 minutes of registering.

The company accepts all major insurance providers, so users with health insurance have a zero co-pay.  For those without insurance, sessions with health care professionals are available for a flat-rate fee of $119.99. 

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